Hurricane Michael’s windspeed predictions

Source: NOAA National Hurricane Center

Millions of people are in the path of Hurricane Michael as the unprecedented storm hits the Gulf Coast today with life-threatening winds, heavy rainfall and deadly storm surge.

Hurricane Michael has now made landfall. Officials are calling Hurricane Michael the worst storm that’s threatened the Florida Panhandle in a century. Michael is bringing 150 mph winds, up to a foot of rain and a storm surge as high as 13 feet to some areas of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Tornadoes are also predicted.

Officials are predicting prolonged power outages. The storm’s winds will feel similar to an EF-1 and EF-2 tornado.

More than 375,000 people are under evacuation orders and many schools and colleges are closed along with airports and ports. The storm is also forecast to drop heavy rain later this week in the Carolinas where people are still struggling with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.

The American Red Cross is on the ground along the Gulf Coast to provide safe shelter and support for evacuees as Hurricane Michael comes ashore. Tuesday night, approximately 4,000 people stayed in nearly 70 American Red Cross and community evacuation centers across Florida, Georgia and Alabama.

The Red Cross urges those in the affected areas to pay attention to updates on the storm and follow evacuation orders.



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