How Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are staying productive during quarantine

ABC/Image Group LAGarth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are finding the simple joys in life to keep them motivated during quarantine. 

Checking in with fans via Facebook video this weekend, Trisha reveals that she and her husband have been relying on household chores to keep themselves occupied as people continue to shelter in place. 

“I’ve made myself a goal of trying to do something productive every day. [It] doesn’t have to be big,” she explains. 

In addition to keeping up with normal routines like doing laundry, the downtime has also enabled the couple to do activities they normally don’t have time for while being on the road, such as tending to their Tennessee farm, allowing Trisha to reconnect with a favorite childhood memory. 

“I also started mowing the grass. I used to love to mow the grass as a kid!” the hit singer recalls. “I used to beg my dad to let me mow the grass, so…I’ve gotten back on that. And I’ve got to say — that’s been really good therapy. Very Zen.”

As for her husband, he sometimes rises before her to get a jump start on the yard work and other household chores. 

“When I got up, I walked into the kitchen, the dishes were done and coffee was made. He’s the best!” she adds.

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