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Let’s be honest…when it comes to superhero movies, Marvel has had the edge thanks to comedy and action and an amazing string of connected storylines. The DC Universe has been treading water for years, but if you believe the buzz around “The Flash”…things could turn around. DC has typically had much darker movies and storylines and “The Flash” adds more comedy and some star-power cameos!  You see in the trailer there’s Ben Affleck as Batman AND MICHEAL KEATON as Batman!  That’s amazing, and now (SPOILER ALERT) director Andy Muschietti spilled the beans you’ll see NICOLAS CAGE as SUPERMAN!

Muschietti says, quote, “Nic was absolutely wonderful.  Although the role was a cameo, he dove into it.  I dreamt all my life to work with him.  I hope I can work with him again soon.” A little backstory on this…Cage ALMOST played the role 25 years ago in “Superman Lives” directed by Tim Burton, but the movie was nixed in 1998. Now he’s getting his shot! 


As far as superhero movies go…are you #TeamMarvelUniverse or #TeamDCUniverse?