‘Girls Like Me’: Martina McBride releases new song

ABC/Image Group LAMartina McBride was the latest artist to appear on Songland, and she walked away with a new song: “Girls Like Me.”

Aspiring songwriter Hailie co-wrote the original version of the song with her brother Michael Tyler, as well as Dan Swank and Lexi Lauren. Hailie was paired with Ester Dean, one of the judges on Songland, to craft the song to match the singer’s style.  Martina herself also earned a songwriting credit by adapting the song’s lyrics to her perspective.

The song speaks to a woman going through a series of growing pains in life, from a breakup to figuring out her path, learning how to cope with the struggles and moving forward.  

“I love the message of this song. We’ve all gone through things in life and have dealt with insecurities and mistakes,” Martina explains. “There was so much of the lyric and melody that I loved and once I was able to find the way to flip the narrative, so to speak, it all came together beautifully. I think the message is powerful and relatable.”  

Martina’s appearance on Songland was filmed before the COVID-19 pandemic led to the mass shutdown of venues and studios. She recently shot the video in the recording studio, following social distancing guidelines with only a small crew that were wearing masks and gloves.

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