Garth Brooks hoped to give fans a 'Fun' preview of “Shallow” Wednesday, but got benched by a hand injury

Pearl RecordsIn response to fan demand, Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are sending their version of “Shallow” to country radio.

The song, best known from the A Star Is Born soundtrack, found its way to the country superstar couple after fans requested a version of it during one of their Facebook live performances. Garth and Trisha’s rendition of “Shallow” was such a big hit that it will be included on the track list of Garth’s upcoming Fun album, as well as becoming his next radio single.

“From the moment Ms. Yearwood and I first performed ‘Shallow,’ we had so much Fun with performing it, and so have the fans, that it just felt right to share this with country radio,” Garth says. “Getting to sing this duet with the queen is really special and it’s a nice way to work up to the release of my album Fun coming out next month.”

Garth was hoping to pair that announcement with a preview of the song, as well as some additional glimpses into his new album, with a performance on Wednesday night. However, those plans were thwarted by a minor farm injury that affected some of the fingers on Garth’s left hand.

The singer explained the situation to fans in a Facebook video, displaying his gloved hand and apologizing profusely for having to cancel at the last minute.

“I kept trying — all the way up until showtime — to play, thinking that it was going to eventually get better…and then finally just had to give in to the fact that I wasn’t going to be able to play tonight’s show,” he explained. “[I] can’t apologize enough to everybody. Thank you for showing up.”

By Carena Liptak
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