Gabby Barrett has “a lot of things to look forward to” on tour with Jason Aldean


In addition to getting to connect with her fans, Gabby Barrett says she appreciates the consistent routine that touring life brings, one of the many things she’s looking forward to as part of Jason Aldean‘s upcoming tour.

Gabby will hit the road as an opening act on the superstar’s Rock N’ Roll Cowboy Tour beginning in July and describes herself as a “scheduled and organized person” that thrives in a touring environment. 

“I love the touring life in the summer because you know your days and it’s the same thing each week, and it’s really fun and routine,” she proclaims. “Definitely looking forward to getting to perform and getting to see the fans and see new fans with [Jason’s] audience that he brings in as well, so I think it’ll be really fun. There’s a lot of things to look forward to.” 

Another major life event she has to look forward to is the arrival of her second child. Gabby will be on the road with Jason until August as she and husband Cade Foehner prepare to welcome the new baby, who joins 16-month-old Baylah. And thanks to sound advice from family and friends, the superstar singer is feeling confident about adding another child to the mix.

“I feel a little bit more prepared with the second baby. I’ve been asking everybody, ‘How do you transition from one to two? Is it harder or is it not as hard?’ And mostly everybody’s told me it’s not as hard as the first, because the first is such a change,” she explains. “So now that I got a blueprint for that, I think I’m set up for success with the second one.” 

The couple is expecting a baby boy later this year. 

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