Universal Music GroupKip Moore’s new album, Wild World, came out on Friday, and the project is teeming with introspective anthems filled with passion and self-discovery.

Just before the project came out, Kip premiered its third track, the high-octane “Fire and Flame,” on The Country Show with Bob Harris on BBC Radio 2. The song spotlights the quest for meaning and spiritual understanding that Kip chases throughout his new album.

“I guess I’m stuck out in the middle/‘Cause I got this reckless heart that I can’t tame,” he sings in the song’s chorus. “Just when I think I’ve reigned it in a little/I’m still somewhere between the fire and flame…”

Those are themes that Kip explores throughout his deeply personal new album. The singer co-wrote all but one of Wild World’s 13 tracks, and he says that the lyrics on the project are some of the most personal he’s ever put to paper.

In tandem with his album, Kip also released a new documentary called 7 Days at the Rock, which premiered Thursday night on Outside TV. The film finds him in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic at his rock climbing facility, located in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge.

By Carena Liptak
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