Even with his sixth number one in a row, Brett Young’s more grounded than ever, thanks to his daughter

ABC/Mark LevineBrett Young marks the sixth consecutive number one of his career this week, as “Catch” takes its place at the top of the country chart. 

It’s his first chart-topper since his daughter, Presley Elizabeth, arrived October 21. The new dad admits his outlook on life is much different that it was when “Here Tonight” made it to number one in April of last year. 

“That’s the craziest thing about life, is it’s very easy in this industry to take yourself a little too seriously and feel like you’re important.” Brett tells ABC Audio. “The industry is built on it, and we have to constantly try to not fall into that.”

“And then you have a baby,” he continues, “and you go, ‘I don’t mean a thing. I’m nothing.’ I’m third in my house, with a dog, sometimes I’m fourth now. It’s very easy to check your priorities when you got a little baby in the house.”

Life has definitely changed for Brett’s beloved Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix Oscar, as well, who once famously took a bite out of Lee Brice‘s hand. 

“He’s not any better, but his new normal, his life is different,” Brett says. “He doesn’t get to run the house anymore…  We put him in the room that we’re in, but he’s tied to like the leg of a chair…”

“The sad thing is he’ll never get to meet the little baby. And he has so much love in him, but he has a screw loose,” Brett adds. “We can’t ever risk it…”

“So the good news for us is… He’s not, like, barking all the time or trying to pull free. He just hangs out by the fireplace now,” Brett explains.  

Both “Catch” and “Here Tonight” are from Brett’s chart-topping sophomore album, Ticket to L.A.

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