Even if it’s a “Slow Dance,” Jordan Davis believes the “great songs… find a way to get to the world”

Eric Ryan Anderson Two years ago this month, Jordan Davis managed his first number one with his debut release, “Singles You Up.” This week, the Louisiana native claims his third chart-topper with “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot.” 

The romantic tune’s basically a crash course for a perfect date.

“I kinda wrote you a study guide. You’ve just got to follow that, you know?” Jordan laughs.

“I wrote that with a good buddy of mine, Lonnie Fowler… in 2013 or 2014,” he continues. “It’s one of the oldest songs on the album… We wrote that song that day and we knew it was special.”

Jordan reveals it was actually “Slow Dance” he believed would be his breakthrough.

“We sent it around town and [were] hoping somebody would cut it or I could get a publishing deal off of it and nothing really happened…” he tells ABC Audio. “It’s just kind of crazy how long it took for this song to get heard. But they’ve always said that the great songs, they find a way to get to the world.”

“And if it had been another 10 years, I’d have been cool with it,” he adds.

Since the release of Jordan’s debut album, Home State, a couple years ago, it’s “Slow Dance” that repeatedly comes up as the stand-out favorite. 

“[It] was always the song that was like, ‘Man, this is just a great song,’” he recalls. “I know that kinda sounds arrogant of me to say that, as I’m a writer on it, but it’s just special. Some days you get lucky and the words come to you, and they come out in the form of a great song.”  

Jordan’s second single, “Take It from Me,” made it to number one in March of last year.

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