Even if he can’t be with No Shoes Nation this summer, life for Kenny Chesney’s still about the ‘Here and Now’

Warner Music NashvilleHere and Now is more than just the name of Kenny Chesney‘s ninth album to top the all-genre Billboard 200 ranking, it’s also the title of the song that’s likely to soon be his latest number one. 

The superstar from East Tennessee says it’s the embodiment of what he was feeling while making the record.

“You know, what I think that lives within this record is a sense of living — pardon the pun –but living like in the Here and Now, and not thinking too far forward or not thinking too far behind,” Kenny tells ABC Audio. “I worked real hard on the album having a positive energy, you know, and not being too Hallmark-y, if that makes sense.”

While it’s no secret how much Kenny loves his devoted fan-base — known as No Shoes Nation — he admits he’s censored himself at times when it comes to recording songs about what happens at his concerts.

“Sometimes I do, I edit myself going into the studio about being on stage,” he reveals. “But this one I really, I truly did [let myself sing about it], with songs like ‘Here and Now’ and ‘We Do.’”

“And the fact that people finally gets to hear these songs, it makes me happy because only I’ve been listening to them for a couple months.”  

The “Here and Now” music video mimics what Kenny would be doing this summer on his Chillaxification Tour, had he not been forced to postpone it because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We Do” specifically mentions No Shoes Nation and references the uniqueness of a Kenny Chesney concert experience.

Just this week, Kenny revealed that his Chillaxification dates will now kick off on May 1 of next year at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. 

By Stephen Hubbard
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