Dylan Scott is 'Livin’ My Best Life' with a new album and a headlining tour

Curb Records

This week, Dylan Scott had a big announcement to share: His new album, Livin’ My Best Life, will be out in August.

The project will include “New Truck,” a 2021 single that Scott describes as an “up-tempo breakup song” about a guy who decides to swap out his truck for a new one after realizing that the one he’s got is filled with memories of the girl who just broke his heart.

While Dylan — who’s a happily married father — might not seem on the surface to have anything in common with the guy in the song, he says he can relate.

“I’ve been with my wife since I was 15 and we went through a little break-up for a while, about a three-month breakup,” he admits. “And I remember, man, it was tough. It was really tough. You hop in your truck and you still see her over there, think of memories or find little things that belong to her.”

But these days, things are great: In fact, Dylan says, he named his new album and his Livin’ My Best Life Tour after where he’s at in his own life right now.

“I’m definitely living my best life right now — with all the success going on, and getting to play all these awesome shows, and the kids at home, and the wife,” he reflects. “I mean, it really is, dude — life is great right now.”

Livin’ My Best Life will arrive on August 5.

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