Dustin Lynch takes an “optimistic” outlook on 'Blue in the Sky'

Broken Bow Records

It’s blue skies ahead for Dustin Lynch

The title of his new album, Blue in the Sky, reflects the optimistic state he’s at in life right now, but the singer says he was initially unsure of what to call the album until he heard the opening line of “Tequila on a Boat,” his duet with Chris Lane.

“There’s not really a song title that wraps its arms around how I’m feeling or this group of songs. So we were kicking around ideas, we’re talking months on end here, and ‘blue in the sky’ is the first line of ‘Tequila on a Boat.’ I’m like, ‘well is there a lyric that we can name the album after,’” he explains. “That was the one that raised its hand because of where I am, and I think where this album points, and that’s just very optimistic.” 

But the Tullahoma, TN native had to walk through darkness before he could get to the light, going through a breakup only to discover who he truly is. The positive spirit on the other side helped inspire the album. 

“Going through a relationship, break up, coming out on the other side of it and finding myself more than I ever have before and being comfortable in my own skin and what I want out of life,” he describes of his journey. “I’m in a very happy place, an optimistic place with my life personally, but also with what’s going on with my music career. It’s just awesome. It’s all good news and I truly believe we all have a choice every day to notice the blue in the sky, and that’s really what that lyric in that title reminds me to think of.” 

Dustin is bringing “Party Mode” to country radio as his next single. He launches a tour of the same name on March 17. 

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