‘Don’t touch ‘My Truck’’: Sam Hunt adds country flair to Breland’s remixed debut single

BAD REALM/ATLANTIC RECORDSSam Hunt and Atlanta-based hip-hop songwriter Breland are pretty generous guys, happy to share their money, booze and more. There’s just one caveat, in their remixed new version of Breland’s debut single: Stay away from their trucks. 

Building on Breland’s original version, Sam layers country swagger and his signature vocals onto the new edition of “My Truck.” 

Both artists are known as genre pioneers who experiment with different musical styles, but while Sam comes from the country format, Breland’s roots are in rap. That made the “Kinfolks” star a dream collaborator for the rising singer-songwriter.

“Sam is one of my favorite artists and a pioneer in country music. I couldn’t think of a more fitting artist to be on this type of genre-bending song. I think he brings an incredible energy to it!” Breland reflects. 

The pair will celebrate their new song by going live on Instagram together on Friday at 4PM ET. 

Sam has been busy lately, dropping his highly anticipated sophomore album, Southside, in early April. His current single, “Hard to Forget,” follows the chart-topping “Kinfolks.”

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