Dierks Bentley takes a tumble in the snow while trying to film his bike ride: “That’s what I get”


Dierks Bentley found a new meaning for his 2003 hit “What Was I Thinkin’” this week, when he tried to simultaneously bike down a snowy hill and film it — resulting in a pretty epic tumble.

Never one to mind a laugh at his own expense, the singer posted the footage to social media despite the fact that it didn’t turn out how he was hoping. The clip starts with stunning views of Dierks’ downhill ride, but soon, the camera — and the cameraman — roll off the bike and into the snow below.

Fortunately, Dierks went down laughing.“ That’s what you get for trying to film and bike at the same time,” he said good-naturedly, pointing the camera at his face.

It’s a good thing Dierks didn’t hurt himself during the fall, especially because he’s got a gig coming up next week. He’s headed to Nashville to perform at the city’s annual New Year’s Eve concert, which this year will be broadcast as a CBS special.

The singer’s also gearing up to release new music. If you’re in his fan club, you can check out the studio version of one of his new songs, called “Tell ‘Em Right Now,” which he dropped as a fan-exclusive track earlier this week.

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