Dierks Bentley opens a dialogue about masks in schools on his social media


Dierks Bentley has thoughts on masking rules in schools, and he’s taking to Instagram to share his viewpoints and hear from fans.

On Friday, the singer posted a screenshot of the headline of a New York Times opinion piece, which is titled “Let Kids Take Their Masks Off After the Omicron Surge.” Written by columnist Michelle Goldberg, the article navigates the downside of long-term masking of children, and calls for a removal of mask mandates in schools after the current COVID-19 surge ends, even if future mandates have to be implemented in the future.

Dierks didn’t offer any lengthy thoughts on the issue, aside from writing “Seems like common sense” in the caption, and asking fans for their thoughts.

In addition to being a country superstar, Dierks is a father of three. His kids range in age from eight to 13 years old, so all of them are currently in school.

In musical news, Dierks has been teasing a new album that he’s working on for 2022. His current single is “Beers on Me,” a duet with Hardy and Breland.

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