Dan Smalley knows you’ve got the “Coronavirus Blues,” so he put it in a song

Robby KleinDan Smalley was just about to put out his debut EP on Big Machine Records, the same label that launched superstars like Taylor Swift and Florida Georgia Line. But then, just like the rest of us, he got the “Coronavirus Blues.”

The only difference is, the Louisiana native wrote an impromptu song about it and shared it on his socials. 

“The Feds closed down the bars and the kids are out of school/And you can’t go anywhere right now till the CDC says it’s cool,” Dan’s tune starts. “It’s frightening/With these bad coronavirus blues.”

“Some folks are gettin’ scared and some folks are gettin’ rude/And some folks just can’t comprehend what they’re begging us to do,” he continues. “Don’t come sit beside us/With that bad coronavirus blues.”

Dan was at home with his wife and kids a couple days ago when he came up with the idea.

“Being inside isn’t bad,” he explains. “Having my kids home isn’t all that bad. But I was like, ‘Man, this would make a lot of sense in these times to just write what’s going on.’ And it took about 10 minutes.”

“It’s a blues melody that me and my buddies wrote, you know, and I just kind of stole that and put the words on top of it,” he continues. “They fit and it was real honest.”

“I mean, that’s exactly how I feel at this point,” he says dryly. “Y’all just stay inside. Let’s see if we can get this thing to blow over, because that’s what they’re telling us to do and they know more about it than we do.”  

You can experience the full version of “Coronavirus Blues” via Dan’s Instagram and on YouTube.

Dan’s four-song EP, If I’m Being Honest, comes out Friday.

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