Cody Johnson knew his chart-climbing single, “‘Til You Can’t,” was special from the very beginning

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

A veteran live performer with tons of experience playing songs in front of a crowd, Cody Johnson knows a special song when he hears one.

That’s why, despite the fact that he had tons of songs to choose from off his 18-track project, Human The Double Album, Cody didn’t have to deliberate long when it came to choosing the single. The singer says that “‘Til You Can’t” was the obvious choice.

“‘Til You Can’t” was the song that we recorded that I kind of looked at Trent Willmon, my producer, and was like, ‘This feels [anthemic.] It feels very [much like a] fill-up-a-stadium kinda song,” Cody remembers. “Whenever we all had a discussion about what we should release as our first single, that was a unanimous decision among myself and my entire team. So it was kind of an obvious choice.”

Cody’s instinct proved correct when he brought the song in front of a live audience. “I’ve thrived on live shows forever. As a live performing artist, “‘Til You Can’t” is the most reactive song I’ve ever seen at a concert,” he continues.

“They already know every word. They’re screaming at the top of their lungs,” he adds, affirming that the fan response to the live version of the song has been special since the get-go. “Yeah, it does feel different on all levels.”

Human The Double Album came out in October 2021. “‘Til You Can’t” is currently inside country radio’s Top 15.

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