“Circles Around This Town”: Maren Morris’ autobiographical new song recounts her journey to stardom

Sony Music Nashville

On Friday, Maren Morris dropped what she describes as “My story in a song.” Called “Circles Around This Town,” the track follows her journey from a young country fan growing up in Texas to a songwriter turned country superstar in Music City.

“I drove circles around this town / Trying to write circles around this town / Trying to say something with meaning / Something worth singing about,” Maren sings in the song’s chorus. “I’ve been kind and I’ve been ruthless / Yeah, I got here but the truth is / Thought when I hit it it’d all look different / But I’ve still got the pedal down…”

“Circles Around This Town” even namechecks Maren’s big breakout hit, “My Church,” which was her debut single in 2016 and cemented her place as one of country’s biggest young stars.

To go along with the new music, she dropped a music video chronicling her journey from small-town Texas to the driver’s seat in a vintage car, all the way to her final destination: Nashville.

In the first scene, Maren’s puttering around her kitchen when a voice coming from an infomercial on her TV catches her ear. That familiar voice will likely make many country fans’ ears perk up, too: It’s none other than Reba McEntire.

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