Chris Lane asks “Howdy” in his new song, which is another love tribute to his wife Lauren

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Chris Lane has officially been a dad since welcoming his baby boy Dutton in mid-2021, Now, he’s proving that his dad joke game is strong: His new song, “Howdy,” is a play on words, juxtaposing the title against sentiments like “How’d he ever let you go?” and “How’d he ever walk away?”

Though Chris didn’t write the song — it was penned by Sam Ellis, John Byron and Blake Pendergrass — it’s reminiscent of his real-life story of meeting Lauren Bushnell.

Back before the country star and his now-wife got together, Lauren was a contestant on The Bachelor in 2016, and during the season finale, she got engaged to Ben Higgins on the show. Their romance came to an end the following May, and Lauren subsequently found her happy ending with Chris, who’s previously used her as a creative muse for songs like “Big Big Plans.”

Since they first said “Howdy,” the couple have been inseparable, tying the knot in late 2019 and becoming parents in 2021.

As Chris continues his Fill Them Boots Tour, he’s also excited about his new song’s uptempo feel and potential as a live show hit.

“‘Howdy’ is a fun one — the play on words is super clever, and it’s going to be a great addition to my set list on tour,” Chris notes.

Last December, Chris released another new song, “Stop Coming Over.”

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