Chris Lane and wife Lauren are “home and resting” after 14-hour hospital stay with son Dutton

Jason Kempin/ACMA2019/Getty Images for ACM

Chris Lane and his wife Lauren are asking for prayers for their newborn son, Dutton

On Instagram Stories, Chris revealed that the couple spent their 4th of July weekend in the hospital with their nearly one-month-old son. “If you pray, Dutty Buddy needs some prayers!” he wrote in a screenshot obtained by People that shows Lauren holding the baby inside a hospital room.  

Lauren later turned to her Instagram Stories to share that they had taken Dutton to the ER for what they thought was an ear infection. During a 14-hour stay at the hospital, the doctors conducted a spinal tap on Dutton to test for meningitis. It turns out, the baby had a common virus similar to a cold.

“14 hours later we are home and resting, but basically he has a common virus (basically a cold) and ear infection but with babies so small and under 28 days old they worry about meningitis and do a full work up / spinal tap. Thankfully we just have to give him meds and keep an eye and pray it doesn’t turn respiratory or get any secondary infections,” Lauren explainedadding, “Home and resting! Thanks everyone for the prayers — hopefully we keep resting and getting better.” 

The country singer and the former The Bachelor contestant welcomed Dutton on June 8.

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