Carly Pearce takes fans ‘Halfway Home’ in powerful new performance video

Big Machine Label GroupCarly Pearce is shedding new light on one of the most powerful moments of her new, self-titled sophomore album. 

The singer has shared a live performance video of “Halfway Home,” a sobering tune about the moments in a relationship that make you realize that things just aren’t working. The clip shows Carly and her band performing the song in a stripped-down, acoustic setting. 

“‘Halfway Home’ is probably the song that scares me the most on my record,” Carly admits. “I wrote it while I was on the back of my bus…I feel like this part of my story is a two-part situation. ‘I Hope You’re Happy Now’ is kind of where I’ve come to grips with it and I’m cool with it, and really have let go of my guilt.”

In many ways, though, “I Hope You’re Happy Now” is the sequel to “Halfway Home,” which delves head-first into the pain of realizing that a relationship is coming to an end. 

“‘Halfway Home’ is when I was in the middle of feeling really bad about it,” the singer continues. “I knew that it was my fault. Sometimes you don’t tell somebody that you’ve fallen out of love with them when you do.”

“For me, I woke up one day and realized that I had not loved this person I was still with for almost a year,” she reflects. “And I was too afraid to lose the comfort of that person.”

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