Carly Pearce promises “It Won’t Always Be Like This” in hopeful new COVID-19-themed video

John ShearerWhen Carly Pearce released her self-titled sophomore album on Valentine’s Day, she was ready to hit the road to share her new music with her fans. But then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, canceling concerts and sending most of the world into quarantine.

Fairly quickly, Carly saw her album track “It Won’t Always Be Like This” in an entirely new light.

“I knew that this song was special and I knew that it had very strong meaning for me when I wrote it…” Carly tells ABC Audio. “And then COVID hit and I saw this song take on a completely new meaning for so many people.”

“I had so many different healthcare workers and their families and different people that were just struggling with understanding what this time meant tell me that this song got them through this,” she adds.

From there, Carly and her band set out to spread the hopeful message of “It Won’t Always Be Like This” by creating a new music video for the song. The clip combines their six parts — all recorded separately — with snapshots of America during COVID-19.

“The first chorus, my band goes in and out with photos across the country of really busy places, cities, subways, different venues where there’s nobody there anymore and it’s an eerie look,” Carly explains. “And then the second chorus takes you and shows you a lot of really heavy moments for the healthcare workers and everybody in the hospitals on the front lines of this.”

“And it’s a powerful thing that I hope people can…relate to,” Carly reflects, “especially during this time, and give them comfort — because it won’t always be like this.”  

You can watch the new video for “It Won’t Always Be Like This” today exclusively on ABC.

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