Brett Young’s wife stars as the one that got away in his painful “You Didn’t” music video

Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Brett Young enlisted the help of a very special co-star to make his newest music video: His wife, Taylor.

In the video for his song “You Didn’t,” Brett plays the role of a guy who’s had his heartbroken, and Taylor is the one who got away, appearing as a ghost and then fading away as soon as he reaches out for her. In the video, Brett is tormented by painful memories of the relationship, finally crawling into bed with a picture of himself and Taylor taken during happier times.

Taylor was an appropriate choice to play the role of Brett’s ex. Though they’re happily married now, the pair once went through a two-year-long hiatus when he first moved to Nashville to pursue country music.

Fortunately, they’re now back together and happier than ever: Brett and Taylor got married in 2018 and are now parents to two daughters, two-and-a-half-year-old Presley and six-month-old Rowan.

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