Brett Young says “I Do” to breezy new duet with Norwegian pop star Astrid S

Adam TaylorA self-proclaimed balladeer and R&B enthusiast, Brett Young is always game to stretch the boundaries of the country format — especially for a song with thoughtful, well-crafted lyrics. The singer says that’s what first drew him to “I Do,” his new duet with Norwegian pop singer Astrid S. 

“I was so honored to be asked to collaborate on this track with Astrid. When I first heard ‘I Do,’ I instantly connected to the lyrics and the story-telling,” Brett explains. “So jumping onboard and digging into something a little different was a no-brainer for me.”

Astrid co-wrote the song, and while its sonic influences sound very pop-forward, “I Do” is a classic call-and-response duet between a male and female singer — a type of song that’s a staple in the country genre. In fact, the singer says that she’s a big fan of country. 

“I’ve grown up with country music — it’s a genre I admire very much and it’s been a big influence and inspiration throughout the years in my songwriting,” says Astrid.  “I’m so happy Brett wanted to do this song with me.”

Brett is currently in the midst of his headlining Chapters tour in support of his latest album, Ticket to L.A. Next month, he’ll bring his live show to Europe, and maybe he’ll even get the chance to perform “I Do” live with Astrid — the overseas leg of dates includes a stop in her home country of Norway.

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