Brett Young on fatherhood: “It's the best reason to wake up”

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Though Brett Young balances a hectic schedule as a chart-topping country singer, it sounds like he has his hands full at home with two young daughters. 

Brett and his wife, Taylor, are parents to two-year-old Presley and four-month-old Rowan, and the singer admits that sleep is a luxury in their house. 

“It’s the best reason to wake up, but after you pile on enough nights in a row, it starts getting pretty tough,” he shares on the Tamron Hall Show about fatherhood. 

But Brett and his wife approach parenting as a team effort. He says when he’s home from touring, he takes care of Presley in the morning while Taylor handles the baby.

“I can’t give the four-month-old everything she needs yet,” he jokes about which is easier to care for. “If I had to do that, it would be tougher for me.” 

Brett and Taylor welcomed Presley in October 2019 and Rowan in July 2021. They serve as inspiration for the hit singer’s children’s book, Love You, Little Lady, released earlier this year.

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