Brett Eldredge wants you to meet “Gabrielle,” but he’s not giving up too many details

Greg NoireBrett Eldredge hasn’t had a new single since “Love Someone” topped the chart back in June of last year. That all changes on Friday, however, when the Illinois native releases “Gabrielle.”

The soulful, piano-fueled track is the first taste of new music from Brett since his self-titled fourth album came out in August of 2017. And it does raise a few questions about what’s been going on in his personal life.

“It is a real story,” he reveals. “It’s kind of a breakup song, but with a bittersweet kind of happy [sentiment], wishing the other person well within their life, wherever they are.”

“But you still kind of look back and wonder, you know, at a certain point in your life — or often, you know — what that person’s up to and where they are now and what could have been, and what if, you know,” he continues. “It’s one of those kind of songs and [it invokes] the nostalgia of that.”

Beyond that, Brett’s not giving up too many details. 

“I’m not saying whether or not…the person’s actual name is Gabrielle,” he clarifies. “But it is about a real situation in my life. Yeah, absolutely.”

In addition to “Gabrielle,” Brett’s also putting out two more new songs: “Crowd My Mind” and “Where the Heart Is.” All three are from his new album, which he recorded in his home state, in Chicago.

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