Brett Eldredge takes a meditative “Sunday Drive” on his new album’s title track

Warner Music NashvilleBrett Eldredge lets his soulful vocals and a prominent piano line take center stage in the title track of his forthcoming album, Sunday Drive. It’s a powerful, introspective tune told from the perspective of looking at the world through a car window.

When he shared the song, Brett explained that it was one he’d been hoping to record for a long time, dating all the way back to his days an intern for Universal Music Publishing Group.

“I loved listening to all the incredible songwriters’ songs and was always blown away by what people could create from their soul,” he remembers. “One day I stumbled upon this song called ‘Sunday Drive’…and I was stopped in my tracks.”

Though he wasn’t in a position to record it then, he never forgot about the song.

“I secretly/selfishly hoped and prayed no one would record it so that one day when the time was right, I could record it and make it something extremely special,” he continues. “That day is today, and it happens to be the title of my album.”

Sunday Drive isn’t due out in full until July 10, though Brett has already shared a few of its tracks with fans, including the lead single, “Gabrielle.”

By Carena Liptak
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