Brett Eldredge returns as 'Mr. Christmas' with his newest holiday release

Warner Music Nashville

Brett Eldredge’s latest foyer into the festive world of holiday music arrives today, as he releases his 11-track project, Mr. Christmas.

Over the years, Brett has become known as one of the country genre’s best Christmas crooners, combining his warm baritone vocals with a jazzy, big band-inspired musical backdrop. Altogether, he’s got all the right ingredients to create an instant classic holiday album.

Brett first brought the magic of the season to his fans with his 2016 holiday project, Glow. In the years since, he’s borrowed the name of that project for his annual Christmas tour. Now, he’ll add to his growing cache of Christmas music with a new batch of tracks.

“I really think some of the last of the magic left in this world is in Christmas music,” the singer says. “There’s a lot of joy in this record — even more than the first in some ways — and I wanted to tip a hat to where I started…but also take it to the soulful side of my music.”

Most of all, Brett hopes the new record will offer listeners some festive fun after what has been, for many, a difficult couple of years.

“The world is the world, and life comes at you like it does, but I hope you find some joy in this music,” he says. “I hope it softens life a little bit and puts a smile on someone’s face when they need it. If it does, I’ve done my job.”

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