Brett Eldredge on the Glow Live Tour, and the spirit of Christmas: “It's always been in my heart”

Andrew Eccles

For Brett Eldredge, Christmas has always been a part of his spirit. 

Among the new memories Brett’s celebrating is the release of Mr. Christmas, his 2021 album featuring two original songs alongside classics like “Jingle Bells” and “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” That’s in addition to bringing Christmas cheer around the country on his Glow Live Tour, named after his 2016 holiday album, Glow. 

”It’s just been so good to get to tour again this year. I got to build this Glow Tour where my fans dress up, and they bring their friends and their kids and parents, and the whole family comes along and it’s just become a tradition now,” Brett tells People“I’m so excited to expand that tradition and keep growing it.”

And it seems that getting into the holiday spirit early is something Eldredge has made a habit of. Growing up in Illinois, the “Good Day” singer counts among his fondest memories waking up early on Christmas morning and attending church with all of his family members. 

“I think the memories that we hold in our hearts just give us so much this time of year, and pull us through a lot of tough times, as well…It’s feeling that sense of comfort at the end of the year, and having everybody that you love and that means the world to you close by,” he expresses. “I used to run around the house singing at seven in the morning on Christmas morning, and turn up the Christmas music many weeks before Christmas and get everybody in the spirit. It’s always been in my heart.”

Brett wraps up the Glow Live Tour in his home state with a performance at the Chicago Theatre on December 18.

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