Blake Shelton lets Gwen Stefani give him a quarantine haircut on live TV

ABC/Image Group LAIf you thought Blake Shelton‘s “quarantine mullet” was a sight, wait until you see what girlfriend Gwen Stefani did to it on live television.

During Shelton’s interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the two discussed how they’re getting on with the COVID-19 pandemic, with the “God’s Country” singer referencing his “I drank today” hat.

Shelton also touched upon how the family has become a little creative in the kitchen with baking all sorts of breads.  “We’re pretty self sufficient out here,” the 43-year-old remarked before turning his attention to the mullet he’s been growing out.

“We actually had a schedule that we had lined up for today and I don’t think we can put it off any longer,” Blake admitted with Stefani walking into frame while clutching yellow and black hair clippers.

Unfortunately, Gwen’s haircut didn’t go smoothly because, as it turns out, Shelton is a very animated talker and was not too keen on sitting still.

“Please give him a mullet,” Fallon begged Stefani with a devilish grin. “Give him a mullet, please.”

The three started discussing their respective music tastes before Blake turned himself around to ask Jimmy how his hair was looking, to which the Tonight Show host remarked “not long enough.”

The haircut quickly unraveled as Shelton started making requests, such as asking Stefani to cut in a “J” and an “F” on the side of his head in Jimmy’s honor.

“I’m literally putting your initials in my head right now, Jimmy.  I’m not kiddin’,” The Voice judge adamantly quipped before lamenting that the initials weren’t showing up too well “because of the gray.”

When showing off the final product, Fallon compared Blake to Joe Exotic, the star of Netflix’s Tiger King, which, ironically, is not the first time that’s happened.

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