‘Beer’s Better Cold,’ and it’s still pretty sweet to be Travis Denning “After a Few”

Mercury NashvilleEven though he’s off the road, dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic just like the rest of us, newcomer Travis Denning‘s still riding high these days. He has his first top five-hit with “After a Few,” and his debut EP, Beer’s Better Cold, comes out Friday. 

When concerts resume, Travis has a standing gig to open the Southside Tour with Sam Hunt and Kip Moore, following recent stints with Dustin Lynch and Riley Green. For now, the Peach State native has plenty of fond memories of his life onstage, which started before he could drink.

“I think about those days when I was like 19 and 20, before I moved [to Nashville],” Travis tells ABC Audio. “There were so many nights I would play a little [bar]… And there’d be forty people in there, drunk, having the time of their life.”

“I’d be singing Lynyrd Skynyrd covers,” he reminisces, “and in those moments, they’re just as much fun as playing two sold-out shows in Athens. They’re just special times you don’t ever get back, but you have forever.”

Even with a major hit like “After a Few,” Travis is stoked his fans still go crazy for his first top-forty hit, “David Ashley Parker from Powder Springs.”

“It’s pretty awesome, especially when we play one of our own shows…” he explains. “It’s like I’m still that guy to a lot of people, and I love that. I kinda always wanna be, you know.”

“That’s why I made it my first single,” he continues. “I thought it was the best kinda ‘Hey y’all! Here’s me and what I want to do forever.’” 

While you won’t find Travis’ song about a fake ID on his EP, Beer’s Better Cold does feature five new songs, plus his current hit.

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