Amy Grant expected to make “full recovery” following open heart surgery

Rick Diamond/Getty ImagesSinger Amy Grant is resting comfortably at home after undergoing major surgery.  The “Baby, Baby” singer underwent open heart surgery on Wednesday to correct a rare defect she unknowingly had since birth.

“Thank you for so many prayers today. Amy is out of surgery and the doctor said it could not have gone better,” Grant’s representative shared in a statement on Facebook. ” We would ask for continued prayers over the days, weeks and months to come as she makes a full recovery.”

Earlier on Wednesday, the singer’s team rallied fans for prayers and well wishes, announcing that Grant would be undergoing “heart surgery to correct her PAPVR condition.”  

Fans have known of Grant’s heart condition for several months.

The 59-year-old first announced in February, in honor of Heart Health Awareness Month, that she had been diagnosed with the rare heart condition.  

“I want to send a shout out to my doctor, John Bright Cage,” the Christian singer told fans. “He suggested I have a check up because of my Dad’s heart history.”

Grant was happy she followed his advice and underwent a “battery of tests” that revealed she’s unknowingly had PAPVR “since birth.”

The six-time Grammy winner happily assured fans that she was “asymptomatic” and that the heart condition was “fixable.”  She hoped that, by sharing her personal medical history, she would inspire fans to take their heart health more seriously.

PAPVR, otherwise known as partial anomalous pulmonary venous return, is a congenital heart defect. Mayo Clinic explains that the condition causes a mixing of oxygen-rich blood and oxygen-poor blood as it flows into the heart’s right atrium instead of the left, because the pulmonary veins have incorrectly attached to the heart’s upper right chamber.

By Megan Stone
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